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March 2023 Product Round-Up

The pineapple team's favorite cannabis products of March 2023. Spenser brings you this months round-up.

Finding the right cannabis infused lube for you

Find out what to look for in a cannabis infused lubricant.

Fan of the fan leaf

Find out how the condition of your fan leaves can indicate the health of your plants

Lightbulbs and you

Learn about the different types of indoor lights available and how they impact your plant’s growth

Why I love cannabis

Learn some of the many ways Cannabis has had an impact on my life

The magic of the sun

We look at the sun's role in cannabis cultivation

My first experience with psilocybin

I share my first experience trying mushrooms

The start of my mental health awareness

Experience the inner workings of my psyche as I lead you through my journey with mental health so far.

Cannabis Stems

We take a look at the various ways the stem can indicate plant health

Back to roots

Dive deep and take a look at the cannabis root system