ThePineapple - Why I love cannabis

Why I love cannabis

How weed integrates with my day

My love for Cannabis goes deep, and with any deep love, there are layers. So light up your joints, spark up your bowls and pull up your chairs my lovelies and allow me to peel back a couple of layers of my cannabis love onion.

On the weekend, I enjoy a good ol’fashioned wake and bake and a strong cup of coffee to start the day

Like any stoner, I thoroughly enjoy smoking cannabis for shits and giggles. Legit. I smoke weed every day. The reasons, however, for smoking vary depending on my mood and general outlook on life when my alarm goes off at stupid o’clock in the morning. On the weekend, I enjoy a good old-fashioned wake and bake and a strong cup of coffee to start the day followed by tending to the plants. To me, that is the perfect shits and giggles toke time, and I adore gardening, even though some plants have met an untimely demise

Given that I deal with generalized anxiety and moderate depression, I also smoke to help during panic attacks and a mood that I describe rather succinctly to my husband as “blue”. I have one particular trigger for my anxiety and through its effects, my depression and that is nausea. Feeling nauseated triggers my anxiety, as I obsess over the fact that calling dinosaurs is imminent. That in turn, leads to an echoed conversation with my toilet which leads to more intense nausea and more toilet conversations, and so on and so forth. The exhaustion in the aftermath then affects my mood and leaves me in a blue haze that lasts for days. Given the sensitivity of my stomach when I’m nauseated, the thought of food is less than desirable. This is why I smoke when I feel nauseated.

Personally, I adore a very heavy Indica for all times of the day. Sativa’s are awesome, but for myself, my mind sometimes feels like it’s in hyperdrive depending on the strain. Any cheesy strains like Headband, UK Cheese, and Durban Poison cause this feeling to happen and I’m not a big fan of it. That, and I haven’t found my perfect Sativa yet. You know, the one that has the perfect terpene profile. The one that makes you happy just to smell. This is why I prefer Indica’s to Sativa’s. I have fallen in love with many Indica Strains. Some for the long haul, some for the week. I love strains like MK-Ultra, Jedi Master, Pink Kush, and Death Bubba as these have the heft and the terpene profile I’m looking for and are capable of checking off all of my “need” boxes.

Other than controlling nausea after an unfortunate meal choice (this has happened more than I would like to admit), I need an Indica that can kick my menstrual cramps in the ass. I know I’m not alone when I say some of those cramps can drop a horse. This horse, however, is stubborn and refuses to submit to becoming glue. Pain affects my whole mood so I always have a trusty Indica on standby when things get rough. 

I am a firm believer that moving is the punishment for accumulating too much shit that you don’t need.

Cannabis has also come in very handy as of late in my little world as well. I am moving. Granted, not far but still...I’m fucking moving. I am a firm believer that moving is the punishment for accumulating too much shit that you don’t need. One day, you’re happily staring at a vase you have no recollection of buying, and then WHABAM your landlord decides to be an asshole and you’re moving. That vase you were admiring meer minutes ago, you now look at with resentment and disgust. The vase is blue and it has been given away and that is all thanks to cannabis. Had I not had a toke, that vase would have met a terrible end.  

Cannabis is one of the loves of my life. I will never stop loving it, for ours is a true romance.

Regrettably, I have more packing to do and more unnecessary shit to sort, so wish me luck and a good smoke. And to all of you lovelies, daytime tokers, and midnight rollers, I say cheers, and after living through this bloody pandemic, puff, puff, pass!