ThePineapple - Why is a Grinder an Essential Accessory

What is a grinder and why do you need one?

Essential accessory.

While there are tons of devices geared towards cannabis consumption, when you are just starting out, there are only a few must-haves. A cannabis grinder is absolutely essential. But why, you may ask? Have you ever tried to start a campfire using only large pieces of firewood? It probably didn't work out so well. Instead, you need to use small pieces of kindling, as they burn much easier. Cannabis is much the same way - stuffing a large bud into your pipe won't get you far. A grinder busts the weed up into small, fluffy pieces that burn evenly and create an enjoyable smoking experience. Even if it was possible to load a pipe with large buds, you certainly can't roll a joint with them. 

Now you know why you need a grinder. But how does it function and what parts does it consist of? Every grinder is made up of round, disc-like halves, with each half containing a set of teeth. We've yet to find a grinder that isn't round; if you happen to find a square grinder, or perhaps something even more exotic, like a trapezoid, we'd love to hear about it. While grinders may differ in materials, or offer additional features, the basic operation is always the same. Once you've pressed your bud into one set of teeth, the two halves come together, and a smooth twisting action allows the razor-sharp teeth to break your bud down into something more consumable.

If you are just starting out, a two-piece design is all you need to get the job done, but eventually, you may want to upgrade to a four-piece. These will provide you with 3 chambers. One for grinding product, one where the ground weed will sit, ready for use, and a third, often referred to as the ‘kief or pollen catcher’ that sits between a fine screen that allows only the smallest particles to fall through to the lower chamber.