ThePineapple - What is a Bong

What is a bong?

Take it in.

Joints and pipes are great for consuming cannabis on the go. They are lightweight (in the case of joints, featherweight!) and they are small enough to quickly toss in your pocket on the way out for an adventure day. However, when you're at home, where portability isn't a concern, bongs can provide a more chilled smoking experience, quite literally. 

While bongs come in all different shapes and sizes, their basic makeup and functions are the same. At a minimum, your bong will consist of a tube, base, down-stem, and bowl. These can be made from all sorts of materials such as glass, acrylic, or ceramics. The tube and base are always made from one solid piece, which makes glass the ideal candidate. The down-stem connects to the bowl and runs to the base of the bong. This allows the smoke to be drawn in through your water source, cooling it and providing a smoother experience.

When filling your bong, you’ll want to make the down-stem is fully submerged but make sure the water level is a good bit below where your bowl sits - submerging your bowl is a good way to add moisture content to dry product, and very much not what you want.

To further enhance your smoking experience, try experimenting with different percolators. And, for an added chill, try adding ice to your bong!