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The best indoor grow tent

The best grow tents for growers of any experience level

Buying weed can be expensive, and while it’s possible to save money by growing your own, you must have a passion for the plant, as cannabis is not a simple “set it and forget it” grow. Even indoor grows in a controlled environment require much attention. While they won’t replace a watchful eye, pre-configured grow tents ensure that you can get your cost-effective grow up and running in short order. Below you’ll find our top picks for any budget; not every option includes all the components needed to get growing. You may need to purchase lighting, air circulation, and additional parts to finish your setup. The focus here is on quality tents to house your hobby grow. 

Stoner’s Choice

Original 5x5 Gorilla Grow Tent

With innovative features like their Infrared ceiling and easy access windows that allow you to check in on your plants without impacting the growing environment, there are many reasons why Gorilla Grow Tent is one of the most well-known players in the industry  - $429.95

We’ll assume you’ve got some space to play with because you’ll need it for this 5’x5’ tent from Gorilla Grow Tent. Designed with serious growers in mind, it’s assumed that you’re prepared to source lighting, monitoring, and a ventilation system. The tent stands at nearly seven feet high without using the included extension kit, which provides an additional foot of clearance. If you need even more height, a two-foot extension is available separately; for most indoor spaces, you’ll run out of ceiling height with the two-foot extension, but having options is nice. The inside of the tent features a diamond-shaped reflective pattern designed to redirect light at your plants, so you waste less energy. All sizes of the Gorilla Grow Tent feature steel frames that use interlocking pins to provide greater strength at the joints; while the tent weighs only 88 pounds, it’s capable of holding up to 300 pounds, supporting even the heaviest of grow lights. One feature that makes this tent stand out is the infrared blocking interior roof which is insulated and designed to reduce temperatures, creating a safer growing environment. The canvas material has a density rating of 1680D, the same as our value pick, so you’ll have to decide if the overall quality of these tents and additional features are essential for your grow.

Step Up

Secret Jardin Dark Street

The Secret Jardin Dark Street 120 is a quality, mid-size tent that provides multiple configuration options, allowing you to use the tent for propagation - $258.46

Like our Stoner’s Choice, the Dark Street by Secret Jardin isn’t a complete grow kit. You’ll need to source your own lights, ventilation, filters, and whatever environmental monitoring you want to use. This 4’x4’ tent is made from M210D tear-proof canvas with a reflective mylar interior to redirect light and prevent light leaks. The tent comes fitted with duct flanges and includes hooks for lighting, filter straps, clips for all of your cabling, and a height-adjustable tool pouch to keep you organized. They’ve even included a patch-kit because even a strong canvas isn’t impenetrable. The 19mm, zinc plated steel poles that make up the tent frame should do well to ward off any corrosion, and the removable mylar water tray makes for easy cleaning. If you are looking for a high-quality tent as the basis for a small grow, you can’t go wrong with the Dark Street series. 

Value Pick


Compact and cost-effective, this 2x2 grow tent kit from Mars Hydro has everything you need to get started - $269.99

The Mars Hydro grow kits provide excellent value for first-time growers. The 2’x2’ kit is a perfect option for tight spaces, and the low investment makes it a great choice to get your feet wet. Unlike our more expensive tents, the Mars Hydro kit comes with everything you need to start growing. In addition to the tent, the kit includes a full spectrum grow light, hanger kits, duct fan, ducting, carbon filter, grow bags, and clamps for the ducting. They’ve even included a simple temperature and humidity sensor along with a light timer. The lamp puts out between 85-100W, which is perfect for one or two plants; with only two square feet of growing space, you’d have a hard time comfortably fitting more than that anyway. A high-density zipper is used on the hatch, which should prevent the zipper from snagging and make accessing your plants a smooth experience. The tent’s interior is highly reflective, with a thicker canvas making up the outside layer, preventing any light leaks. The metal frame has a load rating of 88lbs which should provide some overhead should you choose to buy a heavier light in the future.