ThePineapple - Staff favorites: Halloween candy edition

Staff favorites: Halloween candy edition


It’s that time of year again when your favorite members of the Pineapple Crew come together to share our favorite things. In honor of this beloved holiday, we’re going to shout out some of our go-to Halloween candy picks. From the days of old with trick-or-treating to still going to Target now and buying in bulk, let’s break down the best of the best!

Liz: SweeTARTS

Liz was the girl who traded her chocolate for sour candy when she and her friends got back from their trick-or-treating. While everyone was fighting over the Reese’s, she was coveting the SweeTARTS. We all know this one well: 2-pack and yellow and red being the best flavors. This hard candy is still so delicious but difficult to find. If you happen upon it, savor this sour and sweet treat.

Haddy: Peanut M&Ms

Out of all the M&Ms, the peanut ones are superior because you get a little crunch, plus they’re bigger! These were always coveted during the haul reveal, maybe even more than the regular ones. Like all other occasions throughout the year, M&M debuts their Halloween colors in every variation and you can’t help feeling festive. 

Tuan: Tootsie Rolls

Someone has to still like this candy. Tootsie Rolls were definitely traded last if at all when you’d dump out your Halloween bags / pillowcases. Obviously, they aren’t that good looking. We don’t have to say what they look like… you get it. Then there’s the consistency, which is hardish but still chewy? Look we can’t hate on this candy completely because one of us picked it… but maybe he was kidding. Either way, Tootsie Rolls has fans it seems.

Elizabeth: Caramel Apple Pops

“Take my teeth!” she claims when it comes to loving caramel apple pops. We agree. This candy is pretty much a nightmare for your dentist! Another Halloween favorite that some might have forgotten about by now but nope, there are adults who still chow down on these the most. Caramel apples, of course, are associated with Fall and Halloween fun so you might as well get into the holiday and lose all those teeth.

Sandy: Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids might be the #1 Stoner candy. It’s replicated and infused with cannabis, it’s delicious, it’s small and our love started way before we were able to consume the ganja. This year - since we bought Halloween candy in bulk for ourselves - there are Sour Patch Kids bags with fun, seasonal packaging. There’s Sour Patch Kids “Tricksters” which are a different flavor than their color; Tropical Sour Patch Kids, and the classic flavors. 

Ryan: Aero Mini Bars

Did someone say “light bubbles of air?” That’s what Aero bars are — bonus points if they’re mini so you can eat as many as you want without feeling guilty. This is definitely for the niche Halloween trick-or-treater and may we even say “worldly?” If this is your favorite candy for the season, then you’ve been places.

Spenser: Crunch Bars

Crunch Bars are the OG chocolate crunchy (lol) candy because of the little pop rock things inside them. Those things are so much fun to eat when they pop off in your mouth. The chocolate is creamy and pairs well with the crunch that this candy bar so delivers.

Rob: Almond Joy

Rob’s response to “what’s your favorite Halloween candy?” was met with laughs and eye rolls. Even Tootsie Rolls didn’t get this kind of reaction from the team. But clearly, Almond Joy is unfavorable among these adults. It is sweet, maybe too sweet, but if you love nuts this one is definitely for you

Jeanette: Reeses Pieces

Sometimes you forget about Reeses Pieces because the Reeses Cup gets all the love. That’s not the case with us! We looooove this candy and it deserves its time in the sun. Sure it might be like a peanut butter M&M, but these are sweeter we think and the colors just scream Halloween. 

Charles: Haribo Twin Snakes

People SLEEP on Haribo Twin Snakes. This is the best gummy candy that Haribo makes and that is a bold statement. It’s very sour and sweet with the right texture and right amount of candy in one bite. Plus, it’s fun! Two different-flavored snakes stuck together to make one delicious treat… you can’t go wrong.