ThePineapple - My introduction to magic mushrooms

My introduction to magic mushrooms

How curiosity got the best of me

Like most teenagers, I always held the belief that it's ok to try anything once. With reckless abandon, I was ready to dive into nearly any substance, although I did have my limits. As an adult getting re-acquainted with a drug I used to enjoy regularly, in this case psilocybin, my approach has been a bit more cautious.

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Do you remember who, where or how you were first exposed to this substance?

The first time I experienced psilocybin, a friend had brought a big bag to a party and was handing caps out like candy. As a teenager, I was very willing to try anything once. I think that’s a good attitude to have, but as a teenager, the idea of “set and setting” was not at the front of my mind. I tried mushrooms many times since then but had not done them for many years until my interest was again piqued in 2021.

Did the introduction feel positive or negative? Why?

My original introduction to them felt positive as I was with people that I considered friends. At the time I trusted everyone around me. My recent re-introduction to psilocybin was also a positive experience but under very different circumstances. This time “set and setting” was accounted for.  

What made you decide to try it?

Originally I took mushrooms because I was at a party and other people were doing them and had offered them to me. My recent re-introduction was due to Spenser’s interest in them and the fact that I found a safe supply in the form of a local mushroom dispensary.   

Did you do any research on it before this decision? What did you learn?

I spent a lot of time researching the store. I wanted to make sure they were a legitimate operation. Not whether or not they were legally allowed to operate, but whether or not they understood the product and were sourcing it safely. Prior to visiting the store, I had no idea there was such a large range of mushroom strains. When I bought mushrooms as a teenager, the dealer typically knew very little about them and you just got whatever they had on hand. I also learned that mushroom strains tend to lean in one of two directions in their effect. Some strains provide a more euphoric high, while others are more visually stimulating. 

How did you feel leading up to this experience?

I felt excited to re-experience a substance that I hadn’t thought about in years. 

What kind of preparation if any did you have before embarking on this? 

I made sure that my wife was comfortable taking them as it was her first experience with this substance. I made sure to eat beforehand as well as psilocybin is known to cause your stomach discomfort.

Was the experience what you expected? How so?

The experience was very similar to what I remember as a teenager. Lots of laughs, and feelings of euphoria. This was expected based on the strain that we chose to start with (Golden Teacher).

Did anything come up during your time with the substance?

No, but I discovered that smoking weed during the come down helps smooth things out if that makes sense.

Is this something that you would do again or on a more regular basis? Why?

It is something that I would, and have done since. I feel like I know what to expect with mushrooms, so it’s a more comfortable experience. I enjoy that taken in a thoughtful dosage, the high doesn’t last more than 4 or 5 hours.

Can you describe how this experience has impacted your life since?

It’s given me a much better understanding of this substance. It’s also got me interested in other uses for mushrooms, like microdosing for anxiety.

Would you recommend this to other people in your community?

I would recommend them, but I would say that you should stay away from social situations for the first experience. It’s important to understand how mushrooms impact you in a safe setting, preferably at home. You should always be in a safe setting when taking any substance of course, and mushrooms can be a great experience in social situations, but it’s good to start in a quiet environment.