ThePineapple - My first experience with psilocybin

My first experience with psilocybin

How I felt taking mushrooms for the first time

Everyone has their preferred substances, and, if you haven't already figured it out, mine is cannabis. Nothing fancy, I'm a grind it, roll it, smoke it kind of gal; however, life is about exploration, trying new things, and new substances. My desire for adventure is what led me to try psilocybin for the first time. Whenever we explore new experiences there is a myriad of questions that other curious parties might have. Below you'll find a set of common questions with answers that will hopefully help you decide if mushrooms are right for you.

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Do you remember who, where or how you were first exposed to this substance?

I was exposed to psilocybin by my husband. They were little gummy candies that tasted like peaches and we took them home to eat. 

Did the introduction feel positive or negative? Why?

The introduction was very positive simply because of the trust I have in who introduced me to psilocybin and the fact that I waited to ingest the gummies until we had gotten home where I felt safest.  

What made you decide to try it?

I had never tried it before and had heard a lot of interesting and funny stories from my husband and friends. Over time, I grew curious and decided that I was ready to try it. I basically grew tired of what-if-ing mushrooms and just jumped right on in.  

Did you do any research on it before this decision? What did you learn?

To be brutally honest, my “research” was listening to my husband and friends talk about their personal experiences with mushrooms. I learned without a shadow of a doubt that everyone reacts differently to mushrooms and that it is wise to start with a small amount at first and take more if needed or wanted. Other than the anecdotal, I did not look into the science or molecular makeup of mushrooms. 

How did you feel leading up to this experience?

I felt nervous and very excited leading up to my first experience with mushrooms. I also felt a strange sense of freedom. 

What kind of preparation if any did you have before embarking on this? 

I made sure to eat before having any of the gummy candies at home. I ate poutine I wanted something sturdy and warm in my stomach. I then put on my favorite show and had a gummy. 

Was the experience what you expected? How so?

It was not what I expected but in a very good way. I thought that I would be seeing fanciful things that weren’t there. What actually happened was that I started to laugh and simply couldn’t stop. I haven’t laughed that long and that loud in a very, very long time. You know when you need a good cry sometimes for that release? Well, I found out that it’s the same thing with laughter. 

Did anything come up during your time with the substance?

Nothing really came up while I was on mushrooms. I thought this was great because it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted and that my body was as limber as an overcooked spaghetti noodle. 

Is this something that you would do again or on a more regular basis? Why?

I would absolutely do mushrooms again and I have! I don’t know if I would do them every day or every week for that matter but maybe once or twice a month. I say this because I don’t want to overdo it and ruin a good thing. I want the mushrooms to not only remain fun, but also helpful.

Can you describe how this experience has impacted your life since?

This experience has impacted my life in that I know now that I need to stop taking things so seriously. I have a tendency to overthink things which leaves me feeling like a super tense and unbalanced person. Having felt relaxed and truly joyful while on mushrooms, it became clear that I need to maintain that feeling while I am not on mushrooms as well. Basically, it was the reality smack to the noggin I seriously needed. 

Would you recommend this to other people in your community?

I would absolutely recommend this to other people in my community.