ThePineapple - How Weed Entered My Life

My first experience with cannabis

How weed entered my life.

It was the Summer of 2004, the weekend of Warped Tour, the annual punk music festival that I had always looked forward to at the time. I had just turned 16 and it was my first time. Not going to a concert, or that other thing I know you all are thinking about. It was my first opportunity to smoke a joint. But the opportunity wouldn’t come while getting throat punched and taking elbows in the many mosh pits, or in the walkways that pass under the bleachers at Thunderbird Stadium. Nor would it happen when the guy standing beside us threw a bottle of piss at the lead singer of Simple Plan. Who, by the way, immediately pointed to me and my friend as the piss throwers. The true culprit had been smart enough to duck out immediately after committing the act, leaving me and my schoolmate to hide out until we were sure security wasn’t after us.

Instead, my first toke would occur in a quiet East Vancouver neighborhood while we waited for my cousin before taking a bus...somewhere. My friend, who shall remain nameless, pulled a joint out of his pocket and asked if I wanted some. At the tender age of 16, he already had more experience smoking weed than most adults. We passed the joint back and forth inhaling the intoxicating smoke. My young lungs had never experienced the sensation before, resulting in several minutes of furious coughing. As the coughing subsided, a strange and awesome feeling took over — followed by uncontrollable laughter. 

Our bus had finally arrived. As we sat and stared out the window, we watched as people and businesses passed us by. One business caught our attention. It was a sushi joint. Nothing special about it except for the sign — eat in, take out. Of course, being high as a kite, we had both reversed it in our minds; it now said ‘Eat out, take in’. Something that any 16 year old would manage to make dirty. We laughed hysterically, which probably bothered the other riders. But when you are a teenager, especially one as angsty as I was, you don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. 

We arrived at our destination and I don’t remember much after that, possibly because I may have lost 8 IQ points that day.

A little about me

My name is Ryan and I have worked in the licensed cannabis industry for nearly four years, though my relationship with cannabis began when I was a teenager. Given my early exposure to cannabis, I have garnered extensive experience with cannabis from both gray market products and the legal market. It is this lived experience, coupled with writing for various, well-known publications that drives my passion to deliver accurate information about cannabis for the benefit and wellbeing of thepineapple community and the cannabis community worldwide.