ThePineapple - March 2023 Product Round-Up

March 2023 Product Round-Up

And we are back for another monthly product round up! Women's History Month edition.

Shabam! It’s March! The month where the smell of Spring begins to lightly perfume the air and the month dedicated to Women and our history both collectively and individually begins. It is in the spirit of celebrating all that is being a woman that this product roundup is centered around some fabulous female run cannabis companies. 

Starting this product roundup is a lovely company called Leune. 

Founded by Nidhi Lucky Handa, Leune uses their platform within the cannabis community as a way to have their voices heard over the din of our fast paced world and supports truly amazing causes like The Last Prisoner Project, and Mag’s Anti-Racism Coalition. 

This California based treat focuses keenly on their mission to elevate the cannabis culture while providing cannabis users with a product that fits their needs and lifestyles.  With products ranging from All-in-one vaporizers to edibles and pre-rolls Leune offers something for everyone. If you’re looking to try something special to celebrate the women in your life, a stand-out product to try would be the Leuen Gem Drops. These tasty morsels come in a variety of flavors that are sure to please all who ingest with milligram amounts ranging from 2.5 to 5 milligrams.

Up next, we have the one, the only Kush Queen. 

Co-founded by Olivia Alexander and launched in 2015, this luxury lifestyle cannabis brand sprung into existence by shining a light on women and the LGBTQ+ community who use cannabis, but were lacking any real representation within the cannabis community. 

Living up to its royal title, Kush Queen provides a variety of sumptuous products that will make you feel royally pampered. Award winning bath bombs, transdermal topicals, gummies, flower and more make up this cornucopia of luxurious self care. If you’re looking for some pampering, treat yourself to one of Kush Queens award winning and top selling CBD bath bombs! With a relieving CBD bath bomb and Sleep CBD bath bomb, it's hard to go wrong!

Next, I present to you, BIKO.

Founded by Timeka Drew and family owned, BIKO takes great care to ensure that their product is a high quality product. This is done by the care and attention paid to their manufacturing process which is done in downtown Los Angeles. Timeka herself is passionate about driving social change through cannabis by actively  fighting against racism, voter suppression and economic injustices to foster a climate of democracy. 

Offering Flower and Pre-rolls along with some lovely merchandise, BIKO does not disappoint! Try BIKOs’ Juseyo pre-roll rolled with premium whole flower to enhance your creative spark!

Comin’ in hot, Kikoko!

The femme founders Amanda and Jennifer have grabbed the cannabis bull by the horns and through their wrangling, have created a place where you can not just buy and enjoy but learn as well! Be it by offering cannabis research or some lab tests alongside their variety of products, one does not find the experience dull by any means! 

A well balanced menu awaits you at Kikoko and should you be in the mood for some warmth and relaxation, Kikoko offers their “Tranquili-Tea”. This caffeine free Chamomile Valerian tea infused with THC and CBD is sure to open the door to a wonderfully relaxing evening.

Closing out our product roundup for Women’s History Month, I give you, Mad Lilly.

Creatively playing on the polarity of female representation and the complexity of their natures, Judy Lee, founder of Mad Lilly actively champions inclusion and diversity within the Mad Lilly brand. Mad Lilly supports minorities and women through cannabis and life. 

If you’re feeling thirsty, give Mad Lilly a try! Offering a variety of potent, infused spritzers and tonics that are sure to please your palate!