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Little beings, great power

An overview of seed types

I was cooking dinner last night...nothing super special, just some baked sausages and veggies. Things were going splendidly, I had my cooking music on and I was in my happy space. That was, until, I realized that I did not have the one ingredient that makes this basic dish seem not so basic. I ran out of fennel seeds. At that moment, I was pissed. Needless to say, dinner was not as good as it was supposed to be. My dinner disaster got me thinking, though. It is amazing how something so small can have such an immense impact, not just with food, but in life. 

The cannabis seed is one of those small somethings and their impact is not only huge, but it is also crucial. A simple seed contains all the genetic characteristics of a plant. This means that how your plant will grow is predetermined by a teeny tiny all-knowing capsule of life. The genetic coding kept tucked away in a shell, dictates whether the plant will be regular, feminized, auto-flowering, or feminized auto-flowering. 

The genes of the seed will also govern the plant’s size, root, stem, leaf, and flower production, and let’s not forget cannabinoid levels. In short, the genetic makeup of the cannabis seed is the single most important element dictating how well a plant will grow. So, If you decide to grow a cannabis plant from seed, it’s important to know what you are looking for in your grown plant, what strains provide the genetic profile you are looking for, and what kind of flowering you want for your plant. 

Now, my lovelies, we know there are a few varieties of flowering when it comes to cannabis. It’s just the sorting out of these varieties that can be a pain in the ass. As such, I would like to make this sorting a wee bit less ass troubling should you choose to exercise your green thumb. 

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that have not been genetically modified in any way. If you choose this variety of seeds, you will be in for some pretty interesting growing times. This variety of seeds definitely adds a sense of mystery to a grow, and even though it can be frustrating not knowing exactly what will come of your seeds, it is a pretty nifty experiment. 

Feminized seeds are seeds that have been genetically crafted to grow only female plants. This gives any grower an edge to boost their overall yield of cannabis flowers as it is the female cannabis plants that produce those big, juicy buds. 

Auto-flowering seeds automatically switch from the vegetative growth stage to the flowering stage based on the age of the plant. For new growers, this variety might prove useful as you are not dependent on daylight to dark ratios. Basically, you will save money on electricity. You will hear no complaints from me on that one. 

Feminized auto-flowering seeds are the magical mash-up of both the feminized seed variety and the auto-flowering variety. What’s awesome about this combination is that your plants will be female and you won’t need to worry about your ratio of daylight to dark hours. Granted, the plants will need light as most plants just won’t need to set a timer. 

If you are trying your hand at growing a cannabis plant, I hope this overview of seed varieties helps aid you in your quest and if you’re not that into growing, I hope that you at least took some delight in my cooking catastrophe (don’t deny you smiled...fails are funny...we all know this). Ta-ta for now my lovelies! 

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