ThePineapple - How to Sneak Your Drugs into a Festival

How to Sneak Your Drugs into a Festival

It’s finallyyy the most wonderful time of the year… Festie Szn!!!

There’s nothing worse than getting to the festival, hyped on life and ready to rage… only to get your droogs taken from you at the security check. Don’t you fret though - our crew at thepineapple are a bunch of festie veterans with 10+ years of experience and countless festivals under our belt. Here are some of our tried and true methods to seamlessly sneak your party favors into a music festival.

1. Shoe it or gooch it.

If you don’t have that much to hide, the easiest route is to just put it in your shoe or in your undies. For guys, you can always go the old fashioned way and tape it by your crotch ORRR cop a pair of these Stash Boxers. Girlies - the little flap in your underwear makes for a perfect pill/baggie pocket. Just be sure everything is wrapped up and carefully placed. Head to the bathroom first thing to get it out and into your backpack. 

2. Tampon trick. 

Unwrap a tampon, take it halfway out the plastic applicator, cut part of it off, slip your drugs in, shove it all back inside and seal the wrapper with a hair straightener. This works well for joints/blunts too. They’ll never know. 

3. Back of the phone case. 

A baggie should fit pretty easily on the back of your phone. 

4. Stash Scrunchie

Slip in your joint or whatever contraband that can fit in the scrunchie. Wear it in your hair for maximum discretion. (Once I had it in my bag and the security guard felt it and caught me!)

5. Empty Key Fob

Fill it up with your goodies. It’s too easy. 

6. Bribes!

And if all else fails, always bring some cash or an extra joint to use as a bribe. Most of the security guards really dgaf anyways. Sometimes just a smile and sweet talkin’ goes a long way. Confidence is always key! Go in there like you got nothing to hide.