ThePineapple - How Cannabis Gets Me Through the Day

How cannabis gets me through the day

My daily routine.

My daily routine has historically been dictated by my depression and anxiety. Some days are good and I smoke a little less, other days aren’t so good so my consumption goes up. Here is what my average daily and weekly consumption looks like. 

My days, Monday through Friday, start at the ass crack of dawn with the shrill and relentless beeping of my alarm. 

If I have not woken up in the middle of the night due to my insomnia, it is at this point, that I roll my ass out of bed and into the living room to have my pre-shower toke. I find that this helps settle my nerves and resentment towards my day job. 

After I shower, dry my hair, and, you know…basically become human again, I enjoy a cup of coffee and another bowl (preferably an indica). I then collect all the shit I will need to effectively do my job and have some coffee. 

After packing up my shit, I then go out for a cigarette and finish my coffee before inevitably returning to my apartment for one last bowl before hitting the road and beginning yet another long and tedious day. 

Even though where I work produces cannabis, we are not allowed to toke up on site. This makes every day delightfully aggravating, to say the least. I then work my full shift (sometimes even longer) before I am able to go home and partake in the joint that’s been freshly rolled by my husband in celebration of making it through the day without harming anything or anyone. 

Throughout the night I will have a few more bowls in my pipe of the week. I have many pipes so the variety is fun and makes me happy. 

Being stoned has become my normal rhythm over the years and I find that it helps to keep me centered and mostly calm. The long and short of it, my lovelies, is that I fall into the chronic category. If I had it my way, I would be toking up all day, every day. For now though, this is my daily ritual throughout the workweek. 

As for the weekends, it’s no holds barred toking up from the moment I wake up, to the moment I fall asleep on the couch.