ThePineapple - Hindu Kush Strain Bio

Hindu Kush: experience the kush valley from your favourite smoking spot

Take a load off with this calming landrace strain.

Hindu Kush. This is a strain that most of us who partake in cannabis consumption have come to know and love. When thinking of this beautiful, pure Indica, one often thinks of the teasingly, earthy-sweet scent given off by this sticky beauty but what is frequently overlooked is this strain's roots (pun intended). 

Named for the 500 mile-long mountain range stretching from central and western Afghanistan, into northwestern Pakistan and as far southeast as Tajikistan, Hindu Kush is a landrace strain, meaning that this geographical location is where Hindu Kush originated. Representing one of the oldest known strains, Hindu Kush is no stranger to roughing it. The climate in which the Hindu Kush grows is a harsh one and to protect its beautiful flowers, Hindu Kush produces a thick layer of crystal-like trichomes that help to shield the inner bud from the elements. It’s due to the naturally thick layer of trichomes that are produced by this ancient strain, that it is prized by hash makers and consumers globally for its thick and smooth smoke and delicious earthy flavor, and slightly sandalwood scent. 

More often than not, the Hindu Kush you and I have smoked has been a hybrid that has Hindu Kush genetics as the clincher of a landrace strain, is that if you want to find a true landrace strain, you must travel to the location where it grows to obtain it and as cannabis is not yet legal globally, procuring a strain like Hindu Kush is very hard to do and it most certainly would not be above board. Thanks to the many seasoned growers out there who know who to breed and phenotype, you and I are allowed a taste of the real deal so do not lose hope. 

Think about that when you smoke your next bowl, my lovelies!