ThePineapple - The Beginner's Guide to Growing Cannabis

Growing foundations

Your beginner's guide everything cannabis growing.

To grow, or not to grow. That is the question. One that applies to many things in life. Today, however, we are going to explore just one thing. That thing is growing cannabis. 

We are going to focus on indoor growing to start, as this method allows for more control overall. Outdoor grows, though magnificent, are a bit more tricky as you answer to Mother Nature and she reserves her right to call the shots. 

If you do decide to try your hand at indoor grow, first ask yourself these questions. Am I legally able to grow where I am living? How many plants do I want to grow? And will I grow in soil or through a hydroponic system? Once you have your answers, then it is time to pick up your tent and your grow mediums. 

Soil is a great growing medium for beginners, and many growing experts who started with soil have stuck with soil. When selecting your soil, it is important that you do not use outdoor soil, as it will bring pests and bugs into your house, and completely suck the fun out of the whole experience. Save yourself the headache, and purchase some packaged indoor-grow-formulated soil. Soil comes in a plethora of varieties and the more experience you get with growing, choosing, and creating your own soil will become almost second nature. The soil you use should also be light enough to prevent too much water retention. You don’t want to accidentally drown your roots. You can learn more about the important role soil plays in a successful grow here

Hydroponic growing is also a very popular way to grow, but it is typically used by more experienced growers. Hydroponics is a system by which the cannabis plant is grown in a water-based medium. Within the water of a hydroponic system are the nutrients and air stones that you will add to ensure your plant grows strong and healthy and that the water is being aerated. An advantage that hydroponic grows have over soil grows is that the plant will not only grow faster, but it will also produce a bigger yield.  The disadvantage to hydroponic growing is that time and money are big factors.

For advanced growers, there is another method of indoor growing. This method is called Aeroponics and the reason it is typically reserved for those who have been growing for a long time is that an aeroponic system is the hardest system to make. The aim of an aeroponic system is to keep the roots of the cannabis plant completely suspended. This enables the plant to focus on growing, rather than search for oxygen through its root. This means that each plant will require a misting nozzle and makes having hydroponic growing experience necessary.  

When it comes to indoor growing, I would recommend starting with a pre-made indoor grow tent, especially if this is your first time growing cannabis. These contained grow spaces are quick to set up and usually include all the basic equipment needed to operate a small indoor grow. I believe it’s better to learn the plant before venturing into the magical world of custom grow setups, and a grow tent will help you familiarize yourself with the many attitudes of your cannabis plant.  You can check out our favorite picks for grow tents here.