ThePineapple - Finding the right cannabis infused lube for you

Finding the right cannabis infused lube for you

Add a new dimension to your sexual adventures

It’s incredible the feeling that one word can inspire, especially when that word is ‘Sex.’ Now, think of how that word sounds when it’s coupled with another fantastically titillating word, Cannabis. It’s pretty fantastic, right? 

Throughout the many articles we plan on bringing you centered around these two wonderful and delightfully sumptuous topics, we will, dare I say, turn you on to various products that will help you experience the most arousal and pleasure. Let’s face it, an orgasm is absolutely divine, but the journey there is all part of the fun, so wouldn’t you want to extend that pleasure? 

One way to do that is by using a cannabis-infused lubricant that will expand the blood vessels and interact with your cannabinoid receptors to enhance sensitivity and blood flow. There are quite a few of these products out there of different quality. Some are great, and some are only okay, so embracing the spirit of adventure is important. A sexy adventure!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Lubricant

Given that no two women are alike, shopping for the perfect cannabinoid-infused lubricant or serum can sometimes be confusing. Questions like, ‘Is this latex friendly?’, ‘Is this formula sensitive?’, ‘Could this lubricant leave me staring down the ugly face of a yeast infection, wishing for relief, and fighting every urge to drag my ass across the carpet in an oh-so-sexy, shaky Chihuahua fashion?’, all come to mind when searching for the perfectly silky lubricant. This can lead to some frustration, but it’s important to be patient and try a variety of lubricants to find the right fit for you and your lovely lady bits. Of course, if you have any known allergies, you can avoid some of these situations by carefully reading the ingredients; rest assured, some wonderful products out there will allow you to get down and dirty while being sensitive enough to prevent your party palace from turning into a frat house.

Cannabis Lube and You

Cannabis-infused lubricant can increase sensitivity, and many of us out there need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm (or several). When applied correctly, one of these lubricants can help you get your Ya-Ya's. If there isn’t much time for foreplay (because obligations are awesome), cannabis-infused lubricant can help provide a smooth and friction-free glide for an all-around great time. Even if you can handle that on your own, you’ve got to admit that getting wet and wild is truly where it’s at!

Remember, lovelies; lube isn’t just for vaginal pleasure. Let us not forget about the toosh! Lube not only provides pleasure if you decide to treat yourself to a little dirty down under action, but it is also an important safety measure. The colon is not as stretchable, nor does it produce its own lubrication, and let’s be blunt, the colon is not something you want to tear in a moment of animalistic passion; explaining why you need to use a donut while sitting at the office could be, well, uncomfortable — at least for the more bashful of us out there. So, if daring derriere shenanigans are up your alley, make sure to take care of your rump! The best way to do so is by using lube, and remember to take it SLOW! The added benefits of using a cannabis-infused lubricant are awesome due to its anti-inflammatory properties, known as cannabidiol. This will help keep your tooshie from getting overly tender. Dare to care for your derriere!

Whether you’re new to lube, already have lube, or are already well versed in the magical wonders of lube, it never hurts to try something new. Life is short; go out there and get your freak on!