ThePineapple - February 2023 Product Round-Up

February 2023 Product Round-Up

And we are back for another monthly product round up! V-day edition!

It is February - love and weed fill the air. The Pineapple Crew received goodies from some of our favorite brands this month and can’t wait to share them with you! Looking for a stoney present for your better half? Want to #treatyoself to something special bc #selfcare? Look no further… We gotchu!

Oui’d Confections

What is more classic than chocolates on Valentine’s Day? These are not your average chocolates… Crafted by Michelin and James Beard award winning chefs, Oui’d Confections are of the highest quality and flavor. These decadent chocolates are infused with single-source, solventless hash rosin - it doesn’t get much better than that! Oui’d Chocolat comes in 3 irresistible flavors: Strawberry Elderberry, Salted Caramel, and Hazelnut Praline. You can find Oui’d Confections at select dispensaries throughout CA! 

Kush Queen THC Lube 

Seggsy time just got even spicier with Kush Queen THC lube. This water-based, latex safe lubricant has 30mg of THC and is available in a CBD option as well. Infused with nano-technology so you can feel the effects immediately. You can expect a stronger and longer O, taking your pleasure to the next level. For the V, the D, and the B! THC lube for all! Shop Kush Queen CBD products online or look for THC products at a dispo near you! is a woman-owned, LA based brand that offers lux joints and edibles. They source from local family farms and pride themselves in the quality of the flower. I have been loving the ‘Tres Leches’ hash infused 1g preroll. Each joint is rolled to perfection with fragrant buds and complete with a rotini tip! It smoked very smoothly and left me feeling nice and buzzed. Pick one up at theWOODS consumption lounge in West Hollywood and enjoy it in their giggle garden. Or find at retailers in the LA area!

Uncle Arnie’s Infused Beverages

I’m a huge fan of canna-bevvies and Uncle Arnie’s is definitely a pioneer in the space! Best known for their 100mg Iced Tea Lemonade, Uncle Arnie’s has been coming out with some delicious new flavors. My personal fav flav is the Sweet Peach Iced Tea. You can mix it with just about anything! We like to keep it classic and mix it with lemonade or sweet tea. Grab a bottle at your local dispensary today!

Carta 2 Clear

Introducing the first-ever special edition Carta 2 - the CLEAR! The Carta 2 features a bigger atomizer with 360 degree heating and optimized airflow. The smart rig’s customizable RGB LED lights take your sesh to a whole new dimension! I like to call it ‘rave mode’ when it flashes rainbow. Lemme just say, it rips! The coveted CLEAR is available exclusively in-stores - get your hands on one before they’re gone for good!

420 Cardz

Who doesn’t love getting Valentine’s Cards?! It takes me back to the elementary school days when everyone would pass out cute cards and candy. Sooo V-day cards… but make it for stoners!!! Cheeky cards with a special compartment for a joint (joint not included.) Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than here’s some weed :) They have cards for every special occasion! Check 'em out on Etsy!