ThePineapple - AAPI-Owned Brands: Discovering Fashion, Beauty, and Cannabis Innovations

Celebrating AAPI Creativity

Introducing Asian Owned Delights: Discovering the Fun, Flavorful, and Fabulous!

AAPI Heritage month is dedicated to raising awareness, celebrating and honoring the history, experiences and achievements of our communities. It's the perfect opportunity to foster inclusivity, appreciation, and dialogue amongst our diverse array of Asian cultures. So what better way to end this month than by introducing to you some of my favorite AAPI-owned brands in fashion, beauty, cannabis, and other lifestyles?


Are you tired of outdated stoner fashion with tie-dye shirts and hemp pants from a bygone era? Look no further than to update your smokewear game to the present! Founded by the dynamic duo Dae and Cindy Lim, Sundae School blends streetwear, cannabis culture, and traditional Korean aesthetics to create a fun, distinct, and innovative style. With diverse cultural influences, playful artistry, and meticulous attention to detail, Sundae School’s visually captivating brand aesthetic will leave you wanting more.

And they don't just stop at fashion! Check out their wide array of premium cannabis products, including flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, and accessories at sundae.flower. Literally a one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs! 


Ready to add some color, versatility, and high-quality accessories to your life? Say hello to Chunks! Founded by the AAPI entrepreneur Tiffany Ju, Chunks is all about creating vibrant and fun hair clips, scrunchies, headbands, keychains, and more for your everyday needs. They're not just stylish —Chunks also put sustainability at the forefront, using recycled and biodegradable materials whenever possible. They're on a mission to reduce waste and minimize their environmental footprint. Plus, they're all about supporting important causes like racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health awareness. So you can look fabulous and make a positive impact!


Craving munchies that can keep you snacking? Look no further than TSUMO SNACKS! Say goodbye to the frustration of having to restrain yourself from devouring the whole bag of edibles. Tsumo Snacks has got your back with their tasty, low-dose treats made with your favorite flavors like ramen, salsa verde, and chili cheese. Elevate all your snacking occasions and enjoy the best of both worlds! I promise once you start you won’t be able to stop.


Prepare your taste buds for the ultimate cannabis-infused chocolate experience with oui'd confections! Owned and operated by the brilliant Michelin and James Beard Award-winning chefs Matthew Kim and Matt Rowbotham, Ouid Confections takes cannabis edibles to a whole new level of refinement and sophistication. From visually stunning presentations to thoughtfully crafted flavors and impeccable quality, these chocolates are a treat you won't want to miss. Indulge yourself in the world of Ouid Confections and savor the extraordinary.


Craving top-notch cannabis concentrates? Look no further than Feeling Frosty! Feeling Frosty is all about crafting small-batch concentrates with care from Sonoma County. They go the extra mile by using only fresh-frozen cannabis flowers as their starting material, ensuring the finest quality extractions. From their Bodega Bay farm, they prioritize natural, pesticide-free buds that are harvested with utmost care. Feeling Frosty's award-winning concentrates set the bar high for connoisseurs and the canna-curious alike. With cryogenically suspended terpenes, they retain optimal flavor, pungent smells, and high potency. It's a dabbing experience you won't forget!


Looking for bras that fit like a dream and challenge outdated beauty standards? Enter wear Pepper! Founded by the amazing duo Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd, Pepper is here to empower individuals with smaller bust sizes. They believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and are on a mission to provide inclusive, comfortable, and well-fitting bras for those often overlooked by the lingerie industry. With a mindfully designed, diverse collection of underwear styles specifically tailored to flatter all sizes, Pepper promotes body positivity and encourages everyone to embrace their unique shapes. 


Named after a Los Angeles lifeguard tower, welcome to the intersection of the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach, where the vibrant world of tower 28 beauty comes to life! Founded by the talented Amy Liu, Tower 28 Beauty is all about community, healthy fun, and clean living. As an AAPI-owned brand, they bring unique perspectives and diverse representation to the forefront of the beauty industry. But it's not just about looks—Tower 28 Beauty prioritizes clean, non-toxic products suitable for sensitive skin. They're committed to inclusivity, ensuring their products cater to all skin tones and types. Get ready to shine with versatile and universally flattering shades that embrace the beauty in every individual.

So there you have it—some amazing AAPI-owned brands that add fun, style, and innovation to the worlds of fashion, beauty, cannabis, and more. Celebrate diversity, embrace creativity, and support these fantastic brands that contribute to the vibrant AAPI community!