ThePineapple - Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

Blue Dream: get to know this succulent hybrid

A cheeky strain to boost your creativity.

If there was a strain that encapsulated all the goodness of fresh blueberries on a hot summer's day, it would be Blue Dream. The child of the Blueberry and Haze strains, this delectable bud, likes to keep you guessing by cheekily reminding you that looks aren’t everything. 

With buds gilded in sage-green and pistils of the most vibrant yellow and orange, the flowers of Blue Dream grow with a luscious coating of trichomes that do not fail to make your mouth water. The taste of Blue Dream does not disappoint either. Possessing a powerful fruity flavour combined with notes of sandalwood and florals, the smoke cradles your pallet in a sublime embrace giving way to the high. 

Known to foster feelings of relaxation and creativity, Blue Dream is also widely used within the medical cannabis community for anxiety, fatigue, and chronic pain. Blue Dream provides a well-rounded high reaching levels of 17%-20% THC and is one of the better strains to smoke if you are new to the cannabis community as it is not as heavy-hitting as some of the many strains out there. 

Blue Dream also grows well indoors with a flowering period of eight to nine weeks.