ThePineapple - Best foods to eat at Disneyland while high or tripping

The best foods to eat at Disneyland while high or tripping

Our top 3 recommendations for the Disneyland theme park in California.

Did someone say theme park food? Well look no further because it’s time to welcome me back, your favorite Cool Disney Adult, with even more recommendations - but for Disneyland instead of California Adventure! Now, there are a lot of reasons why people frequent the parks. It can be the rides, it can be the shows, it can be the parades and even the characters. But there are a ton of people who go because the food is really good! Yup, that’s right, Disney has stepped it up and I’m going to cover my top three must-haves.

We started with CA first because, in my opinion, it has better food. DL (gonna keep it short again) is the place to go for the classics. Here is where I would say get the popcorn, get the churro and get the turkey leg - but I won’t be recommending them here though. I have taken acid and a bunch of edibles various times on my visits so I know what to eat when you’re MUNCHING and when you just need a little bit of sustenance so you won’t pass out.

My backstory was published with my last must-haves Disney food list, but I come from Florida and I’m a stoner so my credentials are clear, alright?! I promise not to steer you wrong with my below offerings.

Mickey Pretzel with Cheese

Starting you off with a fan favorite that is still incredibly delicious. It’s also when the acid was hitting and I needed something simple - like bread! Who doesn’t love a good pretzel and bonus points it’s in the shape of the park mascot that you’re at. I personally like to dip it in cheese so I recommend getting it with it. Since no one has time to actively sit and eat when you go with me until maybe dinnertime (sorry, Crew) this is a perfect mid-day snack for waiting in line. Snag these at various stalls around the park.

Seasonal Funnel Cake at Hungry Bear Restaurant

I stumbled upon this restaurant at the very end of my day and I was craving something SWEET. It did not disappoint and I thank the Gods for finding this Pumpkin Cheesecake funnel cake - seasonal in the Fall. You can’t forget that Disney is a theme park at the end of the day and who doesn’t love some fair food? You get your funnel cake, you get a GIGANTIC scoop of ice cream and you have the whipped cream…hard to find a better dessert at Disneyland and believe me, I have tried.

Corn on the Cob

The corn on the cob was the first thing we ate when we got to Disneyland. Some friends went for the corn dog and popcorn but I wanted to try this. Verdict is that it is extremely refreshing and easy to eat. A mess must be avoided when you are chowing down at a theme park and if you are on the go, you need something simple to hold and bite. Also, corn is having a moment - it’s corn! You can find these at stalls around DL.