ThePineapple - The Best Cannabis Products of January 2023

Best Cannabis Products of January 2023

The noteworthy products we had to try this month.

The Pineapple Crew is very fortunate to be able to try new products in the cannabis industry, so we decided to start giving a monthly roundup of our favorites. From California cannabis to bongs available nationwide - let’s highlight the ones worth shouting out from the new year. Hello, 2023!


Let’s be honest here: cannabis smoke smells. If you live in a spot that isn’t that cool with it, Cannabolish is a lifesaver. From candles to sprays to even a great gel, this is the best way to get rid of the odor indoors. My personal favorite is the tried and true spray. Call me old fashioned but if the paranoia sets in I need to act fast and that is to coat the entire room in the sweet-smelling mist.


I haven't had alcohol in almost 7 years and I'm rarely interested in cannabis drinks. But I like this idea. It's the closest I've had taste wise to the cocktails I miss sometimes and it's large dose so I can mix it with sparkling juice and use over time. This is a great drink in my opinion - even enticing for consumption lounges. Good job, Pamos.

Rip n Rinse

This was an interesting item. For one, it’s definitely best used for consumption lounges or someone who has a LOT of glass since this is industrial size. The Rip ‘N Rinse is not for the faint of heart. It was cool when it started going and definitely cleaned our first bong. You need a lot of rubbing alcohol or glass-cleaner to use it.

PHASES Variation Flight Pack 

Who doesn’t love a good joint pack? PHASES has always been a favorite brand of mine the last few years and their take on the effect-based classification of products. A solid five jays will keep you going for a bit (or a few days if you’re me) as you coax through. 

Fiore Tuscan Truffle Butter

I got introduced to Fiore last year and have really been impressed with all the strains I’ve tried. Their recent is the Tuscan Truffle Butter which is just so nice to look at, smell and smoke. The genetics are White Truffle BX1 which comes in at 26% for the perfect high. 

PLUS Edibles Portfolio

PLUS edibles have been around since 2015 and now they’re getting a full portfolio refresh with added and edited formulations. This now includes the full Sleep Line, PLUS +, Strains and PLUS Classic. I’ve always enjoyed eating these edibles because the flavors are delicious and they actually work. Way to stay in the game, PLUS!