ThePineapple - Ask Rave Mom #1

Ask Rave Mom

Illegal and legal

Welcome to Ask Rave Mom, an ongoing series where we answer the most pressing questions from people who want to dive into the scene, have a weed question, or just want to elevate their experience. Do you wonder about which events to hit up? Which strains give the smoothest hit? Smoke or edible? How about the best everyday carry (EDC) for a festival? If you have a question you've been itching to ask but were always embarrassed to, drop it in the comments and we'll answer it. Don't worry—we don't judge!

Dear Rave Mom,
I just moved to California and I see so many dispensaries. Could you tell me what the difference is between a legal dispensary and an illegal one?

When California became adult-use otherwise known as legal in 2018, shops had to get new licenses because anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID could purchase. There are a lot of legal stores in this state and there are illegal ways of getting it as well. Citizens would find that the traditional market could be cheaper and have good quality products but harder to find and it is unregulated. Unfortunately a lot of shops get busted often. Listing sites like Weedmaps, Leafly, Yelp and Google Business can help you find the right dispensaries.

Dear Rave Mom,
Is there a difference between hand separating and grinding up my weed?

So first of all, this is merely a preference. All cannabis can be ground up but not all cannabis should be hand separated. The biggest difference between hand separating and grinding up your cannabis is what you plan on doing with it. A quick breakdown:

  • Separate the cannabis by hand if you WANT to roll a blunt or pack a bowl
  • Grind up your cannabis if you WANT to roll a joint, roll a blunt or back a bowl or do anything else with it since it’s in its finest form⁠

If the cannabis is very sticky, then hand separating can even be a little more iffy in my opinion. I’ve been to Denver and the cannabis is very dry there so my friends didn’t even have a grinder! To sum it all up - it's your preference but grinding it will always be an easier experience. Also, check out our video on how to roll the perfect joint.