ThePineapple - Getting personal with Amouranth

Getting personal with Amouranth

Intimate details on her childhood, friends, ASMR, and OnlyFans.

If there's a platform, Amouranth is on it, and you can bet her millions of fans follow her wherever she goes. Now the biggest creator and streamer on both OnlyFans and Twitch, Amouranth commands a following. You might be familiar with her or have even seen her work—if not, try Google image search—but she's taken the word "bold" to new levels. She knows it, her fans know it, and she's dominating her peers. Her fans are shy about liking her content, and Amouranth doesn't hold back.

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In fact, she fully leans into it. Her YouTube channel has all the ear-licking ASMR therapy you could want. She posts seductive photos on public platforms like Twitter where she tells her fans she doesn't bite and there's "hardcore coming tomorrow." Every day. On OnlyFans, Amouranth bears all for her fans. There's no big adult entertainment company behind her—she's her own business mastermind. While she now has a team helping her with new content, Amouranth says she's busted her ass day in and day out to get where she is. In the past three years, she's stepped into investments and other businesses—including owning a gas station and starting a new company devoted to helping other creators grow professionally.

But, where did she come from, and where is she going next? What issues did she face launching her OnlyFans from a friends and family point of view? And what are her thoughts about cultural taboos and shame for those doing the same things?

I sit down and get personal with Amouranth.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me! You're such a personality, and I think you touch on so many areas that we're interested in here at thepineapple.

Hey! Sorry this took so long, I was swamped and finally had a chance to sit down and do this!

No worries! You got started in design and creating products catered to Children, right? What was that like at the time?

I was a princess party performer, and that was kind of a natural extension/combination of my work at the time doing costume design and construction, and my love for performing!

Did you see yourself staying in that industry at the time, or was there already an inkling of heading towards where you are today?

I think it was more so that it was the only opportunity open to me, where I could truncate my college expense/experience and start doing work in a related field. I used to work at the Houston Grand Opera and then later at a character-performing company before launching my own!

Wow. Houston Grand Opera to Twitch, what a move! When you started on Twitch, what was the lightbulb moment that made you say “hey, I can be the best at ASMR, I’m going to stop making costumes”?

I'm pretty data-driven, so it was never a conscious decision or plan to stop doing cosplay. I looked at some of the industry trends around social media and realized most successful careers revolve around branding oneself or one's content. And that was sort of inimical to the idea of cosplay -which is to become a character (usually one from a piece of beloved IP, or fandom). ASMR happened by accident and it would have likely been something else had I not experimenting with trying it out when I did!

How do you deal with Twitch chat?

My relationship with Twitch chat is ever-evolving. In the beginning, it was this small, tight-knit community that had an underground feel. Later on, it was at times almost adversarial during hot-tub meta when my channel almost felt like a side-show. Nowadays, it's much more constructive and I've grown to like my chat again (generally lol)!

Was there anything the audience ever say to you that made you think, “maybe this isn’t for me?”

Yea, I do a ban appeals segment and sometimes the really bizarre comments make you wonder. I think when it crosses over into IRL stalking that becomes a serious issue and triggers my fight or flight. I usually choose fight...

Did your family know what you were doing?

My Family has been at times oblivious, disapproving, and currently indifferent to my chosen career. I never officially told them, but that's been true of a lot of my life choices, lol. I wasn't particularly close to my parents or my siblings growing up, to be honest. I was kind of a loner through and through and watched a lot of television or did art or things that allowed for artistic expression as a form of escapism.

I'm sure lots of kids go through similar experiences. My parents never understood why I played video games so much or was glued to the computer.

How did your circle of friends react when you switched to ASMR? Did you ever feel like people you know were going to throw you a negative perception?

I don't think the ASMR has really presented itself as an issue as far as my friends are concerned. It's something of a playful joke at times, but never a sticking point in the relationship. I don't think I ever planned to pursue ASMR overtly, the numbers were good so I just kept giving people what they wanted, hah.

Your aunt supported you on your costume-making endeavors originally, right? Does she know how you’ve evolved today, and if so, what does she think?

My aunt did inspire/cultivate my original interest in cosplay! As far as she's aware, what I do broadly falls into the category of "online stuff." It doesn't really come up in conversation—we usually just catch up on what's new with Disney, Marvel, Starwars or various other legacy media content we have an overlapping interest in.

Who was your biggest family and or friend that supported you throughout all these years?

It probably is my aunt. I'm sad to say I've lost touch with a ton of friends over the years. My grueling self-imposed work schedule and "sigma grindset," as the kids call it, rubbed some of my original friends the wrong way. I'm like water in that I fill out whatever "environment" I find myself in, and so in high school into my early 20s, I was fairly laid back and didn't really do anything/was happy doing nothing. I went from zero to one to 100 really fast, and I think people a lot of people I hung out with back then couldn't relate.

Was there a dark time in your life?

I think it was just literally the adolescent to adult-time before I started the character company and streaming. Having to abide by strict curfews, having no money but a lot of energy and desire to do something.

What was your original inspiration for becoming an OnlyFans creator? Was it an easy or difficult decision?

it was just a very sterile numbers-driven thing. I looked at the growth OnlyFans was experiencing and realized the Total Addressable Market and the mindshare the platform had was second to none in the crowd-funding/content monetization space.

When you started getting attention on OnlyFans, what was the response of your friends and family?

I don't think there was a reaction, or I willfully tuned it out lol.

Have any of your close friends and family members seen your OnlyFans content? That would be weird, right?

Not that I know of. Haha yeah, it would be kinda weird. I'm sure there are people I've known in real life who've seen it, though!

When you started on OnlyFans, did you think about self-imposed limits early on what you would and wouldn’t do on the platform? Did those limits change over time?

I don't think there were conscious limits. But there were definitely things I was not comfortable with that I am fairly indifferent to nowadays! I think it's underemphasized how weird I used to be. Before I ever started dating, even as late as high school I was very isolated as a person. I would be weirded out if the person I was dating at the time made physical contact (holding hands even). I'm not sure what all that stems from, but I didn't want to be so undemonstrative, so some of the explorations that happens on the content journey have been very constructive to me personally.

Do you smoke weed?

I have never smoked weed, I don't have an issue with it personally or morally or anything like that... I just don't like the smell lol!

You just need to find the right quality! There's good and bad weed. Have you ever tried anything else?

Alcohol is about as far as I've gone!

What about music festivals, do you go?

I would really like to... maybe next year I'll go HAM lol. EDC, Coachella, etc., all sound so fun!

Although Twitch ASMR streaming and OnlyFans content creation aren’t directly the same as smoking weed, attending music festivals, or getting a tattoo, there are a lot of young people who would never tell their parents what they were really doing or who they really want to be, so in that sense, there are a lot of parallels. What would you say to these people to help them overcome social stigmas?

I'm hoping the overton window on a lot of things moves forward (as it has been doing).

I think the OnlyFan stuff is the next perception to change (and in many ways, it has), but maybe I'm biased. I think, generally speaking, things that consenting adults do and forms of enjoyment (as long as they don't encroach upon the rights of others) shouldn't be taboo or shielded away from as much as they often are.


Has anyone ever shown you that they’ve gotten a tattoo of you on their body?

Hmm, I vaguely recall? I think it was one of my cosplays, but I don't quite remember which one...

I noticed you don’t have any tattoos. If you got one, what would it be?

Probably a tattoo depicting my dogs and or horses. :)

Where would you put it?

Haha, uh, probably on my wrist or somewhere mundane.

There’s a lot of shame around all these sorts of activities and lifestyles—why do you think there’s so much shame, especially in our supposedly “open” culture?

I think there are lots of puritanical leanings and culture embedded in Americana... There's a lot of great stuff around risk-taking broadly, but not so much in the social/recreational sense.

Are you really leaving OnlyFans?

The idea was to start doing more mainstream content and pivot. It's taking a bit longer than I had anticipated, but I think that's in the cards. It's been a bit misreported, but stepping away from adult content meant I spent a large part of the last year filming a backlog, like a really huge backlog of content to release for a while to come...

The gas station was really surprising for a lot of people. Why a gas station?

It was purely a tax advantage investing strategy. I feel like 99% of people don't understand that and say something flippant like "why not invest in equities." I do a ton of equity investing—the gas stations were a chance to put money (that was ear-marked as a liability, something payable to uncle sam) to work for me. So even at an effective 7-8% return... it's a return on capital I otherwise wouldn't have. In some ways, it's like ROI infinite (said so loosely it borders on inaccurate). lol.

It looks like you’re really business savvy with a lot of the recent investments and things you’re doing—congrats! I know you announced you’re going back to Twitch hard. Is the long-term business proposition with Twitch better than OnlyFans?

I think OnlyFans careers are somewhat shorter than non-OnlyFans careers. I have no real evidence to back that up; that's just my sense. I think people are not fully accounting for how much staying power there is on these new online platforms. It's the future of media. And maybe I'm underestimating the demand for MILF or niche OnlyFans content, lol. The truth is I've made a bunch of money and at some point, it will be time to do something truer to what I want to create... without compromising financial considerations—sell out early, not to have to sell out later!

What’s after Twitch?

I don't know that there is an "after Twitch." I don't really have the desire to sail off into the sunset on a yacht haha.

Would you have done anything differently looking back now?

Uh, not particularly? I say that while maintaining that if I was starting today, I'm not 100% sure I would make sexy content. But that's with the benefit of hindsight and knowledge and assuming I could keep them and play my hand differently.

I’m thinking of starting an OnlyFans. Any words of wisdom?

It's really all about the customer acquisition funnel. You need to leverage your social media or earned media or both! It's honestly not easy, despite what everyone else would have you believe! Making money on OnlyFans looks deceptively simple, but like an iceberg—there's a lot more under the surface that you don't find out until you dive in!

What's your drug?

Horseback riding lol.