ThePineapple - AK-47 Cannabis Strain

AK-47: the strain that takes no prisoners

Do Battle with your anxiety using this sativa dominant strain

AK-47. No, we are not talking about the Kalashnikov in this article. We are going to talk about a much friendlier and in my opinion far more useful cannabis strain named AK-47. 

Given life around the 1970s, this hybrid strain from Serious Seeds quickly became a well-known, classic strain for those in the cannabis community. Leaning more towards Sativa dominance, this strain's lineage, though kept under wraps, is believed to be a mixture of Afghani, Colombian, Thai and Mexican phenotypes. 

AK-47’s lineage has gifted it with dense and oh-so sticky buds that give off a pungent floral, sweet and earthy scent that brings on a cerebrally uplifting high and complimentary body high that sets in quickly leaving one at ease. It is for these effects that those who live with anxiety use it to calm the beginnings of a panic attack. 

The buds of AK-47 are thickly coated with crystallized trichomes, allowing its THC content to soar upwards of 21%. Due to the high THC content of this strain, the effects can be felt very easily. Ak-47 also grows very well indoors so for those of you thinking about a good ‘ole fashioned closet grow, this strain is a good choice. The flowering period, should you choose to grow Ak-47, is seven to nine weeks. Be sure to have air fresheners on hand as this strain is known for giving off a powerful scent while growing.