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420 Smoke & Stretch: Neck and Shoulders (part 4 of 4)

420 smoke & stretch: neck and shoulders (part 4 of 4)

A stretch that supports neck and shoulder tension that you can do in 4:20 minutes or less!

Do you carry the world on your shoulders? Are you guilty of tech neck? Look no further! Here are some stretches to alleviate neck and shoulder pain!


  • Props: A wall
  • Main Points in Posture:
    • Gently warm up the shoulders beforehand as to avoid pulling pec muscles.
    • Soft bend to knees as to avoid tweaking the knees.
    • Push circumference of the hand into the wall. Elbow lightly bent to avoid hyperextension. Wrap triceps down toward the floor.
    • Shoulders press down and away from your ears.
    • Stand up tall with your belly in. Tall spine.
  • Go slow! Start turning 45 degrees, then maybe 60, then maybe 90.