ThePineapple - 420 Smoke and Stretch

420 smoke & stretch: At Bedtime (part 4 of 4)

A stretch that supports good sleep that you can do in 4:20 minutes or less!

I get it! Sometimes you don’t have a 420pm smoke break! But that doesn’t mean the opportunity just passed you by! You can still do these things in bed or by your bedside. 


  • Props: None or strap for those who have tight hammies; pillow for under the head if your chin is high.
  • Main Points in Posture:
    • Keep back flat on the floor - no raised butt or hunching shoulders!
    • Leg that is in that figure 4 shape, that knee must be flexed!  
    • If shoulders are lifting/hunched, use a strap or prop to bring knee in AND place a pillow / folded blanket under head.  
    • Breathe! Relax the jaw and soften around the hips and inner thighs.

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