ThePineapple - Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Stoner Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season to be merry and high!

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us. And we get it, holiday shopping can be stressful. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 15 of our top cannabis gift picks for that special stoner in your life.

Devices & Tools 

Puffco Hot Knife

Puffco Hot Knife - $49.99 

If you are a big-time dabber and this tool isn’t in your arsenal yet, you are doing it wrong! Gone are the days where you struggle to load your rig or get covered in sticky residue. With just a press of a button, the perfectly portioned dab melts off with ease in the matter of seconds. The Hot Knife makes it easier to enjoy hash than ever before. It comes in 4 colors: black, gold, pink, and green. 

Zenco Vaporizer - $249.99

The Zenco is a stylish tabletop vaporizer made for sharing. This device is compatible with 510 cartridges, concentrates, and herb; it also has 4 different heat settings. All you gotta do is… load it up, press a button, watch as the mesmerizing smoke fills the glass, and then sip away! This gadget is definitely an attention grabber and perfect to pull out during a holiday party. You can even toss the glass in the dishwasher once you’re done.

Lucky Blow Shop - $200 - $350

Lucky Blow is a Latina-owned, Houston based brand creating one-of-a-kind smoking pieces. At first glance, they might look like vintage glassware but upon closer inspection, they're actually bongs! These unique pieces are not only super stylish, but functional as well. I had the pleasure of ripping one and I can confirm that they indeed hit. Elevate the vibes of any room with a timeless piece from Lucky Blow. 

Apparel & Accessories

Buy Weed From Women - $35 - $110

Buy Weed From Women is a Black woman owned and operated brand. Founder Jasmine Mans created this brand to support women entrepreneurs, as well as advocate for the legalization of cannabis. BWFW has collaborated with other women owned companies such as Etain Health in New York and Gorilla RX in Los Angeles, where you can find some of their limited edition drops. Look cute while also supporting an incredible cause this holiday season! 

Sundae School Fleece - $180 - $350 

Sundae School is a ‘smokewear’ brand that was born in Seoul and came to life in California. They absolutely SLAY with their unique pieces; you can just tell that they put a lot of thought and intention behind each of their designs. I love this brand because they’ve cultivated a space for cannabis, fashion, and culture all in one. I’ve had a Sundae School fleece at the top of my wishlist for quite some time now. Their fleeces have been seen on celebrities like Pete Davidson, Jacob Elordi, and Tinx. Keep an eye out for their next fleece drop and set your alarms, because they usually sell out within minutes! Also, be sure to check out their cannabis brand Sundae Flowers for infused prerolls and delicious mochi edibles.

Potent Goods - $25 - $1200 

Potent Goods is a luxury clothing and accessories brand created by Gela Nash-Taylor, co-founder of iconic fashion brand Juicy Couture, and her son Travis Nash. The mother-son duo was inspired by the casual yet glamorous culture of California. Based in Los Angeles, Potent Goods was made with the intention of enhancing comfort and imaginative style. The patterns are so chic and eye-catching, while also embodying the chill, Cali aesthetic. I can already picture myself lounging around in their silky robe, smoking a joint by the ocean… the ultimate vibes. If you’re not ready to splurge on a luxury piece, I recommend the lighter chain necklace ($25) or the crossbody bag ($35) for the perfect stoner gift! 


Punch Extracts Rocket - $45+ 

These rockets sure pack a punch! Each of these hand rolled prerolls contain 1.3g of flower and .3g of live rosin, complete with a reusable glass tip. It hits incredibly smooth and gets you feeling lifted after just a few puffs. I would be thrilled to receive this as a gift - definitely worth it! 

Huckleberry Hill Farms Whitethorn Rose (Paradise Punch x Lemon OG)

Let me tell you about one of my all time favorite strains. The dense, hand-trimmed nugs are a stunning deep purple color and laced with sparkly trichomes. Once you smell this flower, I guarantee you will never forget it! It’s very sweet and floral; I always get notes of lavender, berries, and citrus. Upon smoking this strain, the distinctive taste is left lingering in your mouth, leaving you wanting more. Its intense flavor profile can be attributed to its high terpene content; the dominant terpenes are limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. Aside from the mouthwatering smell and flavor, you also get a smooth, clear-headed, euphoric buzz. This cultivar is a testament to how amazing sun-grown flower can be. I could really go on and on about how spectacular this strain is but you’ll just have to try it for yourself. RUN, don’t walk to your closest dispo to pick up some Whitethorn Rose. 

Papa's Select Lemon Aioli Live Rosin Badder - $64  

Papa's Select concentrates do not disappoint! The award winning team sources sungrown flower from the Emerald Triangle to craft premium ice water hash, live rosin, and badder. I had the pleasure of trying a few of their offerings and I couldn’t get enough of the Lemon Aioli. Each dab was bursting with a zingy flavor and left me exceptionally stoned. I love that they have a strong focus on partnering with legacy farmers to provide clean, pesticide free cannabis. Papa's Select is one of my go-to solventless brands and I can always count on the quality to be top notch. Cop a gram (or 2) for the hash head in your life. 


Tsumo Snacks - $5 - $16 

Here’s something for the snacker that prefers savory over sweet. Tsumo Snacks come in an assortment of delicious flavors in either 10mg or 100mg per bag. My favorite is probably the Salsa Verde tortilla rounds. I can definitely smash an entire bag in one sitting… dangerous. Their newest Crispy Onion Ring snacks are in collaboration with the one and only, Snoop Dogg. These infused crackers would be the perfect addition to a holiday charcuterie board. Want some samples? Check out this page and enter your email to get two non-medicated chips shipped to your door for free!

Pamos Cannabis Infused Spirits and Cocktails - $11 - $65 

Distilled from the highest quality cannabis and botanicals, Pamos Spirits are mixable, sipable, naturally flavored and alcohol free! Out with booze and hangovers, in with cannabis cocktails! These delicious spirits come in two different dosages, 33mg and 100mg, for both the canna-curious and the seasoned stoner. They also have low-dose, ready to drink canna-cocktails infused with 6mg of THC and 2mg of CBD, in two heavenly flavors - Tropical Mai Tai and Peach & Guava Bellini. Looking for some clever ways to spice up your bevvies, look no further! Check out their recipe page for some recipes that are sure to elevate any occasion. Take advantage of their complimentary next door delivery on all orders or find Pamos at select CA retailers. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I totally recommend visiting the Artist Tree Lounge in West Hollywood and enjoying a Pamos cocktail at the consumption bar. 

Old Pal Bake at Home Brownie Mix - $25

An ode to a timeless classic… the pot brownie. As I’m sure many of you can relate, some of my earliest (and haziest) memories of getting high involve a homemade edible. Our friends over at Old Pal reinvented this old school stoner snack for the modern consumer and it really couldn’t be easier! Simply add eggs and butter to the premade mix, bake, and enjoy! Each batch is carefully dosed with 100mg of THC and makes 20 brownies. The brownies are the perfect gooey, fudgy consistency and rich with chocolatey flavor. It took all the willpower not to eat the entire tray in one sitting. This is such a fun gift to give someone who loves baking and getting baked. 

Stocking Stuffers 

Blazy Susan - $1.99+ 

If you’re looking for some stoner stocking stuffings, check out Denver based brand - Blazy Susan. Best known for their pink (and now purple) rolling papers, Blazy Susan is a one-stop shop for the cutest smoking and dabbing accessories. The papers are slow burning, ultra thin, vegan, GMO-free and did I mention, they’re PINK! The perfect time to stock up during the holidaze. 

Creative Stoner Journal - $15.99  

Expand your mind, while getting high. Cannabis is an amazing tool for unleashing your creative flow. This journal, written by Olivia Alexander, has 150 thought-provoking prompts to guide you through your sesh. From topics about outer space to food and more, this journal invites you to connect with your highest self and let your creativity run free. 

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb - $16 - $60

This holiday season we are all about practicing #selfcare. What better way to experience head to toe relief than a soothing CBD bath bomb. The warm water opens up your pores and allows your body to fully absorb all the goodness from the CBD and essential oils. With multiple different options like ‘relieve’, ‘relax’, and ‘sleep’, you can choose to target your experience to your needs. We recommend the ‘Shield for Immunity’ bath bomb for that much needed healthy boost during travel and flu season. Feel your worries slowly wash away with a Kush Queen bath bomb. Order directly from the website and give your loved ones the gift of ultimate relaxation! 

Happy Holidaze from thepineapple crew! Stay safe, healthy and most of all stay high!