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We're with you to rewrite narratives and cultural perceptions to open doors for safer exploration and fun. We’re creating a safe space for sub-culture and communities surrounding recreational and medicinal drug use to connect, share and discover. Our calling is to normalize, demystify and destigmatize in order to promote wellness-minded progress and elevate human experiences. Join us!

A note from our Editor-in-Chief:

thepineapple sprouted out of necessity, during a tumultuous time in a post-pandemic world. It came out of a life where uncertainty, loss, and anguish have become the norm. We desperately felt a need for a safe haven. A place where self-expression can grow without censorship or discrimination and connections can be made that will nurture and empower. 

“We’re all just walking each other home,” — Ram Dass

In this current digital world where we’re all hyper exposed and yet more disconnected than ever. The existing platform incentives through delusion and the tools they build naturally regardless of intention cause addiction and obsession. Here at thepineapple, we’re obsessed too. Obsessed with seeking the truth, sharing our authentic experiences, breaking down stigma, and most importantly growing, connecting, and having fun.

We don't claim to have all the answers. Let's explore the world's unknown together, find enjoyment through the journey of discovery, and experience satisfaction through our individual actualization and inevitable collective progress. 

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